Hi there!

I’m Audrey Bodman, founder of Outshine Telephone Training & Resources, a company that was born out of my passion for supporting individuals and organisations in building strong relationships with their customers and securing more business in their market.

My career began as a junior at a food and drinks company. I was tasked with selling services to customers, both new and existing, over the phone and I found that just a few well-chosen words could mean the difference between no sales and several made through up-selling or cross-selling. That success was addictive, and the next step on my journey saw me advertising sales for a regional newspaper. Here I climbed the ladder quickly and improved my team’s performance through individual coaching sessions.

Those two jobs sparked a passion within me that was hard to shake off. After the birth of my gorgeous son, I joined a company as ‘job club leader’ supporting long-term unemployed individuals in getting back into the world of work.

It was here that I really saw how life-changing opportunities could be generated by phone, so I decided to build my own business centered around supporting people to do just that.

Outshine is built on my experience as both a practitioner and accomplished telephone skills trainer with over 29 years’ of experience.

I love what I do. And I love supporting others to love what they do, too.

When it comes to picking up the telephone and winning new business, cross-selling, or delivering second-to-none customer service, I’ve seen it all. I’ve made cold calls, won huge contracts, taken rejection, and developed innovative new solutions for old problems.

Over time, I have come to learn that practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes progress. Picking up the telephone and making a ‘sales call’ can be a daunting (even frightening) prospect for some. Equally, dealing with an upset customer and resolving a complaint takes quick thinking and resilience. But, with the right support, all of these things can be learned and applied in a positive and productive way.

That’s why I created Outshine, so you and your team can refresh existing skills and learn new ones, whether you are tasked with winning new business, selling, or providing an excellent level of customer service. Our winning combination of a friendly and supportive learning environment, unrivalled trainer experience and second-to-none feedback will lead to a team that is more confident and ready to achieve great things.

To get started with Outshine, or find out a little more about the ways in which we can help you, give us a call now on 01157 750125 or email