In today’s competitive market excellent customer service can be the deciding factor in a customer’s choice to do business with you or not. Our Customer Service Skills training courses, led by expert trainer Audrey Bodman, equip customer care teams with the skills they need to build better relationships, increase loyalty and drive business growth. Don’t let poor customer service let your business down. Check out our Course Outlines to see the range of customer service courses we offer.

About The Training

Our in-person and virtual customer service skills training programmes equips employees with the skills and confidence to deliver exceptional customer service. Over the course of their training, participants will:

  • Master effective communication techniques, such as active listening and empathetic responses, resulting in improved customer interactions and satisfaction.
  • Build strong customer relationships, trust and positive rapport, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.
  • Solve problems efficiently using tried and tested techniques guaranteed to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Develop a customer-centric mindset that is focused on providing the best possible service.

All of our courses are interactive, engaging, and challenging. They use real-life scenarios and case-studies specific to your industry to make the learning experience more relevant and impactful for teams, ensuring they walk away with the essential customer service skills they need to tackle their role effectively.

For more information about our courses, please see our Course Outlines.

Who Is It For?

Our customer service skills training courses are suitable for a wide range of job titles at all levels of experience, including but not limited to:

  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Employment Advisors
  • Technical Support Specialists
  • Sales Representatives
  • Help Desk Technicians
  • Keyworkers
  • Order Takers
  • Receptionists
  • Inside Sales Executives

Whether your teams are just starting out or need a refresher to improve their existing skills, our training programmes are the perfect way to level up your customer service offering and improve business outcomes.

Get started

We offer a wide variety of customer service skills training courses, all of which can be tailored to the specific needs of your teams, sector or industry. For more information, please contact us on 07855 213591 or email

What our customers say…

The following recommendations and many more can be found on Audrey’s LinkedIn profile

I had a list of trainers to approach and receive quotes from but on first meeting Audrey her passion, friendly bubbly nature was clear and I knew she was the best fit for us. She understood exactly what I wanted and worked with me to tailor the programme she offered. She was always responsive, took feedback and put together a really good training programme. My team loved her and she was able to break down any concerns they may have had regarding external training and role play. They still talk about her and we had a fun, rewarding, useful and relevant training. It has laid really good foundations for embedding more supporter-centric approaches and open dialogue in giving each other feedback. I am making sure next year’s budget includes more Audrey!

Jenelle Murray-King , former Supporter Services Manager – Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

Audrey and I first crossed paths through my time in Welfare to Work, we have been connected for a good number of years and share a common interest in self learning, as well as continued professional development for others. Audrey and I have worked closely in recent months developing a tailored training programme for a Customer Service working in manufacturing. Audrey’s time and engagement with the team was superb, which naturally led into natural engagement and buy across the training. Audrey would certainly be welcome back, a definite recommendation.

Howard Warburton , Sales & Service Manager – PWS Distributors

I chose Audrey to deliver some bespoke training for my team around ‘what good customer service looks like’ and ‘transferable skills’ based on recommendations, and boy did she deliver above and beyond what I had hoped for. The feedback was probably the best feedback I have had from any training course over the years, because Audrey knows how to engage and captivate her audience, but more importantly knows her craft inside out. Her passion for the subject just shines through her workshops.

The training was excellent and the whole team have learnt some invaluable skills that they will take with them throughout their career. Thanks.

Sharon Lynas , Former Regional Manager with Ingeus

I was introduced to Audrey by a member of staff who had attended a course delivered by Audrey in a previous role. Audrey was a delight to deal with from the word go and was prepared to do detailed research prior to her professional proposal on how she could help our employees. The course itself went down very well and was an eye opener for our people. Improvements back at the work place were immediate and are now norm.

Calm, charming, polite and very professional – highly recommended.

Neil Osmond , Chief Operation Officer – Dryrobe

All of the team found the training extremely useful and relevant and really enjoyed taking part in the course and I’m already seeing the immediate improvements in the workplace! I would highly recommend Audrey and will be recommending her services to be used in other areas of our business.

Helen Southern, former Sales Manager for W Howard