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This week, let’s talk about the difference between influencers and decision makers.

When it comes to building relationships and converting job or training opportunities, it’s crucial to know who plays what role in an organisation.

Because if some of your job or training outcomes aren’t converting as quickly as you’d like, it could be because you’re trying to negotiate with the wrong people.

Influencers can be powerful allies who introduce you to key decision makers or become champions of your offerings. In fact, much of my success has been thanks to influencers who’ve recommended me to their managers in HR or L&D.

But while they can lead you to the right person, and help nudge the process along, they can’t give the nod for any next steps.

Examples of influencers include:

  • A HR assistant who reports to a HR Manager;
  • A person you meet at a networking event who works in the same department as a decision maker;
  • A gatekeeper, such as a PA, who is close to your key contact;
  • A person who can provide valuable information about key players in an organisation;
  • A person who can explain current processes and confirm the right person to contact;
  • Your main point of contact who can bring in other stakeholders as needed.

A decision maker has the authority to say an unequivocal YES to your services, without needing sign off from anyone else.

And they’re rarely the person who answers the phone.

Examples of decision makers include:

  • A HR or L&D manager who has the final say on which provider to use
  • Someone with the authority to sign off on the use of your service
  • Someone who confirms next steps and agrees on a date and time for an interview with your customer

Understanding the difference between influencers and decision makers can help you approach calls more strategically and get better outcomes. So, give the above some thought and see how you can shake up your approach.

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