Lack of training and confidence can lead to missed opportunities for your customers. Building strong connections with employers is crucial, but communicating benefits can be daunting.

Common struggles include starting conversations and fearing rejection. Shifting our mindset from potential failures to focusing on the positive impact we can make is essential.

Transforming Teams, Creating Opportunities

Our Employer Engagement Skills Training is perfect for professionals in the Employability and Skills sector. This includes roles such as:

  • Employment Advisers
  • Apprenticeship Coordinators
  • Key Workers
  • Employer Engagement Consultants
  • Regional Employment Managers
  • Recruitment Advisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Case Workers
  • Support Managers
  • Learning & Development Advisors
  • Industry Liaison Officers

We’ve successfully trained teams from local councils, charities, universities, and training and apprenticeship providers, helping them connect with employers, build lasting relationships, and generate new opportunities.

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I wanted to share a bit about the tailored training experience I offer. With over 30 years in the sector, I’ve had the pleasure of helping many organisations including Employer Engagement teams develop the skills needed to form sustainable relationships and effectively promote funded initiatives.

My virtual and in-person employer engagement courses are designed to be comprehensive and adaptable to your specific needs. We cover all the essential topics to ensure you’re well prepared and ready to secure qualified job and training outcomes.

I believe in catering to the unique learning styles of each individual. That’s why my programmes include real-world scenarios, case studies, live demonstrations, worksheets, and constructive feedback. It’s all about making sure the learning sticks long after the course is over.

Looking forward to the possibility of working together!

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Audrey Bodman

3 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Better Results in Employer Engagement Calls

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I had the pleasure of working with Audrey Bodman recently, and she exceeded our high expectations. Her understanding of our training needs was exceptional, creating a tailored program that addressed our challenges effectively. Audrey’s consultative approach helped us uncover areas for development we might have missed ourselves.

Joanna MacLennan - HR Director, Smart Training and Recruitment

The one day training course was incredibly interactive, with so much detail and feedback along every part of the day. The team now feel so much more confident with approaching employers and have a clear ‘script’ to get the best results. This training was a great investment and as the team grows I will be booking in future sessions. Thank you so much Audrey!

Rochelle Seddon – Operations Manager, The Growth Company

Audrey’s expertise and engaging style make training enjoyable and informative. She delivers bespoke packages tailored to individual needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Audrey is always a delight to work with, and I highly recommend her services.

Liam Bird - Operations Manager, Shaw Trust